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Lotus PT logoLotus Physical Therapy was founded in 2003 on the principles of individualized care, restoring health and improving performance.   It is our mission to optimize our patients healing potential through treatment of the source of injury, balance of mind and body along with increasing strength and flexibility.
At Lotus Physical Therapy Inc. we are committed to excellence in client satisfaction and a personalized approach to therapy.  No one body is the same, which is why we put a strong focus on understanding each patient’s unique background, injury, current status and individual goals to formulate a treatment plan that is best for you.  
Physical therapy is one of many tools to help you heal or improve your performance. 

At Lotus Physical Therapy we are here to help you reach goals and maximize your potential!
If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment please contact us at: (310) 494-1422

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Plank clock with variable height for core and upper body strength
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